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Hello, I’m Kyle, of comics publisher Rigged Books. In this post you’ll see 6 images, from six different artists who make comics, but who have been published very little to any degree. Due to the obvious skill of the artists on display, I want to change that, but I don’t have the resources to do it on my own.

Right now, I’m running an indiegogo campaign to fund the the books of the two artists up top, Mia Schwartz and Ben Urkowitz, and as I meet goals, I’ll have a chance to guarantee publication on the other artists, like Liz Lehman, who I’ve worked with before; Paula Almeida, a Portuguese artist; Vida Alcamo, who is studying animation; and Julia Doh, a largely autodidact Bande dessinée enthusiast.

All of the artists involved have at least one reward offered in the campaign, and as the campaign goes on I hope to offer more thorough looks at each artist involved and what form their work will take with me; and I can guarantee personally that 100% of you donation will go to the artists, the books, and the logistics to get them to you. Please, if you can, donate even a little, and you get great rewards. Just ten dollars gets you all 4 books I will have published by the end of this campaign, plus a thank you e-card from Vida, and another 15 will get you beautiful paper copies of the two new books. If you can’t donate, spread the word.

I sincerely believe that these comics that I plan to publish represent a fresh breath of air in the medium, and a potentially greater and wholly deserved visibility for the artists involved. Everyone here is an exciting cartoonist, and I’m trying to publish the books I would want to see. If you believe what I believe, then you have the ability to help me make this work. Thank you for your time, and in the next weeks I’ll try to keep this blog updated with new information and images from the promised rewards and books.

Kyle Petersen

Proprietor, Rigged Books

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    please support my friends so their books can get made! and all the other amazing artists involved with this publisher....
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    I’d like to see a lot of the artists I know get in on more stuff like this.
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